WAAC Housing Resources

*Update* Students attending the WAAC in Spring 2022 may apply for on-campus housing at the Gallery Apartments, located at 207 S. Patrick Street and maintained by VT Residence Life. Please use the StarRez housing portal to register for a space at the Gallery. You may contact housing@vt.edu if you have any questions about the Gallery, or require assistance with the portal.

After Spring 2022, Residence Life plans to no longer provide housing at the Gallery. If you’re a student seeking a room and/or roommates for future semesters – or if you’d simply like to explore off-campus housing alternatives -, please consider the following resources:

  • Visit the Virginia Tech DC Metro Off-Campus Housing Portal.
  • Our librarian Marlene Koenig runs an unofficial WAAC Housing Facebook group. Contact Marlene at mkoenig@vt.edu for an invitation to join.
  • If you’re an incoming VT B.Arch student, contact your advisor Vern Ferguson for an invitation to the WAAC Housing Canvas page. Graduate and exchange students, please contact Stephanie Woodson at rwsteph@vt.edu.

Other non VT-affiliated student housing resources include:

To ensure that our WAAC students continue to have access to convenient and affordable housing in the region, we’ll keep this page updated and follow up with incoming students as we compile further resources. Reach out to Stephanie Woodson any time if you have concerns, and thank you for joining us in Alexandria!