Second + Third Year Students

Lauren Arledge

BA, Music and Classical Voice, University of North Carolina, Asheville

A native of Asheville, North Carolina, Lauren Arledge comes to Virginia Tech with interests in the recreational value of natural and built landscapes. While traveling within the Czech Republic, Lauren deepened her awareness of civic design, and particularly importance of large urban parks. Later, as a design intern in Durham, she had the opportunity to participate in similarly-scaled projects straddling the fields of planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering. As a graduate student, Lauren will pursue her interest in the public landscape at both the neighborhood and the pedestrian scale.

Mary Cadwallender

BA, Chemistry, Goucher College

Former Peace Corps volunteer Mary Cadwallender brings both agricultural and scientific sensibilities to her landscape studies. As an agriculture extension agent in Senegal, West Africa, Mary worked with local rice farmers to improve production and implement more sustainable systems and practices. On her return to the United States, Mary began to explore these ideas domestically as an urban farming advocate for the Farm Alliance of Baltimore City. Through her landscape studies, Mary hopes to bridge issues from soil quality to market sale.

Paige Courtney

BS, Environmental Studies and Geography, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Paige Courtney traces her path to landscape architecture from high school art projects involving 3-D modeling and sculpture. Further inspired by the Wisconsin countryside that she called home, Paige pursued simultaneous degrees in environmental studies and geography, leading to soils research on Kansas wetlands, and later exchange work in both Belize and Nicaragua. Paige’s studies will focus on ‘smart landscapes.’

Jeffrey Curtis

BS, Natural Resources Conservation, Virginia Tech

Jeffrey Curtis’ studies of landscape are grounded in concerns for the appropriate use of public lands and the protection of natural resources. A former leader of volunteer trail crews for both the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Pacific Crest Trail Association, Jeff’s background in natural resource conservation also lead to work as an agricultural volunteer in Panama and Costa Rica and more local experience with community gardens through AmeriCorps. As a graduate student pursuing simultaneous degrees in landscape architecture and natural resources, Jeff will focus his work on the conservation and expansion of greenways and park systems.

Richard Hagstrom

BFA, Sculpture, James Madison University

Richard Hagstrom views studies in landscape architecture as a natural extension of his studies in both sculpture and architecture. Exposed to the process and the language of design as an architectural intern, Richard’s current work focuses on the ‘reinvention’ of form and the reuse of materials. As a graduate student, his studies will focus on the materiality of urban infrastructure and the pedestrian landscape.

Zhewei Hu

BA, Landscape Architecture, Nanjing Forestry University

A native of China, Zhewei Hu’s interest in landscape architecture stems from concerns with the impact of rapid economic and physical development on the quality of life in his homeland. A former intern at Nanjing University’s Institute of Urban Planning and Design, and participant in projects to improve rural infrastructure, Zhewei’s studies will straddle planning, policy and design.

Ian Hunter

BS, Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

With an undergraduate degree in marine biology, California native Ian Hunter brings an expertise in coastal environments to his study of landscape architecture. At the University of California, Santa Cruz, Ian conducted research experiments in aquatic toxicology at various offshore locations, and spearheaded the development of a guided ecotour program with the City of Santa Cruz and a local aquarium. Following his degree, Ian continued his education in marine science, traveling extensively in Australia and working at the Melbourne Aquarium. His graduate studies will explore the intersection of ecological planning, water quality and outreach.

Rebekah Lawrence

BA, English, Bob Jones University

Rebekah Lawrence brings strong multi-cultural skills to her studies of landscape architecture gained from years of teaching English as a Second Language. Living and working in Prague, she developed a deep appreciation for the importance of civic space, traditional architecture, and public transportation. Rebekah’s interests in urban design, demographics, and quality of life expanded further as a garden manager for a non-profit soup kitchen and culinary school, which provided job skills for unemployed and under-employed workers. Rebekah’s studies will focus on the accessibility of urban landscapes.

Sharon Marcus

BS, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

Mosaic artist Sharon Marcus discovered landscape architecture through flood bank restoration work in her home state of Virginia. Sharon holds a degree in biological systems engineering from Virginia Tech and over ten years experience as a water resource manager. Intent on reducing communications barriers between the two fields, Sharon will focus here graduate studies on intersections between design and watershed management.

Dasha Rosato

BS, Finance, George Mason University

Former management consultant Dasha Rosato brings sensibilities honed as a financial analyst and professional photographer to her studies of landscape. A native of the Czech Republic, Dasha’s studies will probe the intersections of landscape interpretation and environmental psychology.