Student Profiles: LAR Masters Programs

Kassandra Bryant
BA, Health Science, Howard University
Kassandra Bryant comes to landscape architecture by way of studies in medicine. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Kassandra’s interest in urban health, led her to undergraduate studies in health science at Washington DC’s Howard University and later a position managing a small community-based clinic. More recently, as an administrator for a company managing LEED-certified properties, Kassandra discovered an overlap between design and human well being, and ultimately her desire to pursue graduate studies focusing on issues of urban sustainability.

Nicole Hersch
BA, Communications & Public Relations, San Diego State University
Nicole Hersch has a background in horticulture, plant propagation, and community projects. Nicole completed her Masters of Natural Resources from Virginia Tech in Fall 2017, and she is expecting to complete her MLA in Fall 2018. During the Fall 2018 semester, she worked for the campus landscape architect as a student designer. Beyond her studies, Nicole is working to help increase the number of native plants used on the campus with a focus on the Stroubles Creek Watershed. She now works with the Stroubles Creek Restoration Initiative and has started a native plant propagation program.

Hayley Harrington
BA, International Studies and Art History, Hollins University
Hayley Harrington comes to landscape architecture from a liberal arts background. Originally from the Greater Philadelphia Area, Hayley came to Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia in 2015, and found her way into landscape architecture through a multi-university cross-disciplinary research project focusing on Roanoke’s cultural landscape and its relationship to workforce development. Her graduate research focuses on cultural landscape and rebuilding communities after conflict and disaster. Outside of the classroom, Hayley serves as the Graduate Residential Fellow for the Leadership and Social Change Residential College, and the college principles of community and justice inform all aspects of her work.

Yuhui Tian
BA, Landscape Architecture, Wuhan Institute and Sciences of Design, China
Yuhui, an international student from Wuhan, interned at WE ARE Beginning Landscape Design Company as an undergraduate student. She came to the United States to improve her professional skills to become a professional landscape architect. As an Advanced MLA student, she is focusing in urban hydrology. Since Yuhui experienced massive flooding in her hometown at a very young age, she hopes to use her studies to help solve flooding and waterlogging problems in her hometown.