He Foundation Lab Student Team Projects

2021 Fall VT First Year Foundation Lab Instructor Nero Chenxuan He With the idea that we are in the world of “Big Flat Now”, “the information we make and share travels through media that lack hierarchy or centrality. There is no principal authority, no recognized arbitrator, and no centralized archive”. By utilizing photogrammetry software as a tool, each student has created the digital twin of each physical object they have collected. They have individually archived each digital collection in various ways including its dimensions, form, scale, physical weight, digital weight, etc.

For this project, students are collaborating with their peers in teams. They are sharing resources and archived objects, then relocating and redefining each object from the new collection in a digital modeled shopping cart with curatorial techniques to upcycle the “digital waste”. For this presentation, they are focusing on the still life quality of the overflowed shopping cart with digital renderings and vector drawings to seek for new formate to represent such a new design approach.