WAAC Frequently-Asked Questions

When do I sign up for a desk?

Prior to the start of the semester, we’ll contact you via e-mail to let you know when desk selection will open. Be sure to check your inbox for this and other important information!

How do I get a key fob?

The week before classes begin, new students may come to the front office at 1001 Prince Street to receive a key fob. This fob will remain active until the end of the semester, and must be re-activated at the start of each new semester (by confirming your attendance with our office). If your key fob isn’t working, please stop by the front desk or e-mail Stephanie for assistance. If you lose your fob, report this to Stephanie immediately: we’ll de-activate the lost fob and issue you a new one. Never share your fob with anyone, not even another student!

When and what is the Weekly Forum?

Our all-school Weekly Forum meets every Monday of the academic year at 1:30pm ET (with the exception of holidays and final reviews). During the Forum, WAAC students, staff, and faculty may present any announcements they’d like to share with the school. Be sure to attend to keep informed on last-minute schedule changes, coming events, contest opportunities, and other useful updates. Most Forums will also feature a presentation by a special guest speaker!

How do I use the computers in the lab?

On the first week of classes, all new WAAC students will attend “Geek Time,” our school IT orientation. During Geek Time, you’ll receive a username and password that will allow you to log into the lab computers and use other WAAC equipment such as the printers/plotters and laser cutters.

How do I add printing money?

To add more printing credit, please visit Marlene in the library to fill out a printing credit request slip. The university will bill you for the funds you add at a later time. Please note that printing credit from Blacksburg cannot transfer to WAAC, nor can printing credit from the WAAC transfer to Blacksburg. Once you add funds to your printing account, that money is on your account and cannot be returned to you. However, if a job fails to print correctly, Marlene will refund the appropriate amount of credit back to your account.