Career Opportunities: Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture, a dynamic and complex field, is one of the most consequential design art today. Landscape architects creatively solve design, planning and management problems across the built environment; making better places for people to live, work and play.

Landscape architecture has become one of today’s premier occupations; ranking among the best professions. Working collaboratively with ecologists, scientists, architects, engineers, and planners, Landscape Architects are leading the work to meet the most important challenges of our time: climate change; healthy living and empathetic design; urbanization and shrinking cities; imaging and creating new development strategies; re-imagining water, food, energy, transportation, and green infrastructures; remediating spoiled lands and disturbed sites; and preserving critical natural resources. Landscape architects are doing this right now.

Providing the opportunity to contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources while performing an essential service, the field is both challenging and fulfilling. The profession requires individuals with skills in creativity, science, problem solving, collaboration and an aptitude for technology and beauty. The Landscape Architecture Program at Virginia Tech guides students as they develop their skills and make their place as designers and planners of the built environment. Join the Landscape Architecture Program in the School of Design for the exciting challenges ahead.

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US Department of Labor: Report on Landscape Architecture