Scholarships + Awards: Industrial Design

Robert Reuter Scholarship

Traditionally given to a Sophomore and/or Junior recognizing a project or body of work that holds promise for commercial production.

Werner Graeff Memorial Award

Traditionally the gift of a Bauhaus book given to a Senior or Graduate student who has excelled in the development of a collection of built objects.

Eastman Innovation Scholars

Scholarships awarded to a Sophomore, Junior and Senior for exemplary studio projects. Recipients may be individuals or teams.

Industrial Design Society of America Student Merit Award

Seniors apply for the award through a program-wide presentation and jury of faculty and guests. The winning student then competes at the regional conference level for acknowledgement at the national IDSA conference.

Industrial Design Book Awards

2nd Year Book Awards for studio achievement (two awards)
3rd Year Book Awards for studio achievement (two awards)
4th Year Book Awards for studio achievement (two awards)

SFCS Sponsored Studio on Senior Living

Sherertz, Franklin, Crawford and Shaffner (SFCS) is a design firm in Roanoke whose work focuses on senior living environments. SFCS sponsors a studio project for the 3rd year studio in Industrial Design. This award acknowledges the most successful project with respect to process, feasibillity, and usability.

Industrial Design Excellence in Thesis Award

An award given to a senior, acknowledging a thesis with exceptional depth, iteration, and innovation.

Outstanding Service to the Industrial Design Program

Awarded to a student who has been an outstanding studio citizen, providing civic service to the students and faculty within the program.