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Undergraduate Advising

Due to COVID-19, advisors are telecommuting and thus, conducting remote advising sessions. Follow the links below to submit a form to your advisor to arrange for a meeting.

Freshmen in each of the School’s four undergraduate programs begin working with an academic advising staff member as their primary resource and point of contact for advising:

  • Undergraduate Architecture and Industrial Design majors should contact Tamela Gallimore (1st & 2nd year students) or Vernon Ferguson (3rd, 4th, & 5th year students).
  • Undergraduate Interior Design and Landscape Architecture majors should contact Susan Rosebrough.

The academic advising staff assists students with all matters involving enrollment, course requests and registration, curriculum requirements, university policies and procedures, and progress toward graduation. Based on checksheets for each of the School’s four undergraduate majors, which list the course requirements for the specific degree, often semester-by-semester, plus required CLE [Curriculum for Liberal Education] and elective credits, the academic advising staff member frequently meets with students to review their academic plans and progress toward their degree. The program chairs — Foundation Program Chair, Industrial Design Program Chair, Interior Design Program Chair, and Landscape Architecture Program Chair — are also available to meet with first-year students to address a range of issues that include force/add approval, pursuit of minors, change of major, inability to satisfy course requirements, personal difficulties that interfere with a student’s performance, or any other matters the student wishes to discuss pertaining to his or her studies.

From their 2nd year through graduation, students continue to seek advice from academic advising staff members, who frequently meet with students in person to review their DARS report [Degree Audit Report Status] and are in frequent contact via email to ensure successful and timely completion of degree requirements. Students also seek academic and professional advice from the chair of their specific degree program: Core Professional Architecture Program Chair (2nd & 3rd year), Advanced Professional Architecture Program Chair (4th & 5th year), Industrial Design Program Chair, Interior Design Program Chair, or Landscape Architecture Program Chair.

Students’ design lab instructors are additional members of the advising team, since these faculty have 12-20 contact hours with students each week of each semester and thereby have the opportunity to address questions about the curriculum, courses, other learning opportunities, career paths, etc. Landscape Architecture students are assigned an LAR faculty member as their primary academic advisor.


The Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center provides individual counseling and group counseling for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech. Outreach and consultation services are an integral part of Cook Counseling Center’s mission of reaching out to students, faculty and staff through the provision of educational programming and workshops.

College of Architecture & Urban Studies Advising Resources

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Career Services

The Virginia Tech Career Services for Students website contains an extensive amount of information concerning major or career direction; externships and internships; getting career-related experience during college; starting a job search; planning for grad or professional school; and much more…