Abdulmueen Bogis

Ph.D. Candidate

121 Burruss Hall (MC0190)
800 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061



  • Measuring the Benefits of Bridging the Gaps Between Landscape and Engineer Solutions
  • Sustainable Retrofitting of Urban Drainage Channels
  • Policy Making and Quality of Life Improvements
  • Mitigate City Temperature
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Energy and Design


From an early age, Abdulmueen’s family instilled in him the virtues of helping those in need and being respectful of the earth they live on. This formed a strong desire in him to pursue a career that combines his passions for art, design, and nature with his goals of helping those in need and preserving the environment. Supporting people and sharing in both their joys and sorrows has made him believes that his knowledge and resources should be dedicated to helping others. The immense satisfaction of helping those in need has always had a profound impact on him, more so than any of his other experiences and academic and professional achieved prizes.

Studying Landscape Architecture was the natural choice for him to fulfill his passion for art, design and nature and to serve communities. After learning the basics of the career, he very quickly developed a strong interest in sustainability and energy in design once he understood its importance and relevance in the current age. Working on several projects, which ranged in scale from a small garden all the way up to a regional landscape planning, has exposed him to environmental, historical, social and economic issues and allowed him to utilized ideas of sustainability and renewable energy in design. Both individually and as a part of multi-disciplinary group efforts, he gained valuable experience in green infrastructure that later became his major research interest.


Ph.D., Current. Architecture and Design Research, Virginia Tech.

MLA, 2015. Landscape Architecture, Virginia Tech.

BA, 2008. Landscape Architecture, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.