Fultz & Singh Team
From left to right: Amrit Singh, Jessie Gemmer, Kylie Heald, Ryan Patterson.

Inside Design

One-week, Hands-on Summer Program for High School Students

Important Dates + overview

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The popular week-long sessions of Inside Design have traditionally been offered as an on-campus experience. Last summer, we reconfigured the course to an online experience as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. To accommodate all individuals, Inside Design will hold two week-long sessions, one virtual and one in person. The in person session will be held from June 19th-24th. The virtual session will be June 26th-July 1st.

Everyone in grades 9 -12 is welcome.  For those participating virtually, a computer with internet access is necessary.

The schedule for the course will be provided after registration

Please contact Chris Pritchett (cpritche@vt.edu) or Lauren Malhotra (laurcm6@vt.edu), if you have any questions.


Inside Design is an incisive introduction to the ways in which designers think and work. For individuals considering the world of design, this program cracks open the excitement and opportunities of architecture and related design disciplines. Primarily a hands-on experience, students work with long-time educators and practitioners in exercises designed to stimulate discussion and discovery of issues affecting the professions. No prior course or subject experience is necessary, just the initiative to break the bounds of conventional modes of thinking.

Over its twenty-year history, the course has been refined and amplified to give high school students one of the best week-long experiences of architecture and design. Faculty learn with the students and adjust coursework based on discoveries from each successive class. The course is modeled around the curriculums of the nationally ranked programs in the School of Architecture + Design (architecture, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture).

studio life

Much of the work is aligned with projects offered in the first year of the design studio of the undergraduate program, and Inside Design students work alongside students enrolled in the summer design studio.

Though the design fields are professional disciplines, the tenants of the curriculum are anchored in the belief of design as a way of life.

Students will be exposed to a number of collaborative tools that allow the development of community and interaction between students as they work through a series of design exercises, lectures, discussions, and tutorials.

course content

The course is divided into two sessions involving studies of materials and processes leading to the development of form, and model building as means to explore spatial conditions. Working with various materials and organizational principles, a basic understanding of design is linked to contemporary works of architecture and the related fields of industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture. Here students explore the intuitive, problem framing modes of design. Emphasis is placed on formulating new visions and the richness of ambiguity through conceptual thinking. Additional hands-on projects engage more rational objectives of the design. Operating from a different virtual studio environment, students learn first-hand the potentials and limitations of teamwork and collaboration.

the instructors

Fultz & Singh Architects:

Fultz & Singh Architects is a collaborative regional design practice based in Richmond, Virginia. The firm was founded to expand the potential of community relationships through thoughtful reimagining of the built environment, specifically with the goal of celebrating authenticity and historical character within the framework of design. To that end, FSA has cultivated a unique ability to understand a client’s needs, aspirations, and culture, with an extraordinary capacity to interpret that understanding into a distinctive design response that reflects their individuality. Working within a regional focus on the greater Richmond area and expanding to the metro areas of Newport News and Washington DC, the team specializes in small-to-mid-scale community driven projects, residential adaptive reuse, and commercial restoration projects. The collective studio background includes over 75 years of combined experience building large and small projects with diverse and integrated design teams. FSA staff are highly versed in BIM, parametric model-building technologies, and project management, and also have been embedded within the academic discourse of design programs at universities across Virginia, DC, and New York. With such a variety of cumulative experiences coming together in a small office, Fultz & Singh brings a unique, broad-spectrum outlook on architectural practice, organization, detailing, and material industry understanding – as well as a foundational and experiential approach to architectural design theory.

Amrit Singh:

Amrit Singh is an architect and entrepreneur, and co-founder of Fultz & Singh Architects. He holds a B.Arch and Industrial Design Minor from Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design Class of 2005. He has held adjunct faculty positions at Virginia Tech. Amrit believes that good design can be measured by the quality and cooperation of the team that comes together to make beautiful things.

Jessie Gemmer, RA:

Jessie Gemmer is a registered architect, educator, and senior designer at Fultz & Singh Architects. She holds a B.Arch from Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design class of 2011. She has taught since 2018 – leading first year undergraduate architecture students at UVA and first year master’s exhibition design students at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. She serves on the Richmond Urban Design Committee, and has been a guest critic at Virginia Commonwealth University and Syracuse University.. Jessie believes that design is the language we use to give physical form to the ephemeral. Her guiding principle, in the words of Barbara Bestor, is that “everyone deserves to experience a moment of strange beauty every day.”

Ryan Patterson:

Ryan Patterson is an architect, photographer, and senior designer at Fultz & Singh Architects. He holds a B.Arch from Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design class of 2009. He has lectured at Virginia Tech’s Art of Building seminar, been guest critic on design reviews at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Parsons School of Design, and served as vice president and board member of the non-profit organization Space.CITY Seattle. Ryan believes that good design reveals and elevates the mysterious relationships between nature, people, materials, and time.

Kylie Heald:

Kylie Heald is a designer and photographer at Fultz & Singh Architects. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and an Industrial Design Minor from Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design Class of 2020. During her time in Blacksburg, she served as editor in chief of Studio Collective, the student-led design publication founded within the School of Architecture + Design. Additionally, she held the position of software workshop leader and mentor for undergraduate interior design students. She has been a guest critic on design reviews at Virginia Tech. Kylie believes the mundane contains design potential which is inherently unfurled when approached with curiosity, joy and empathy.

cost + registration

Registration Fees:

Virtual session registration: $280*

In-person session registration: $600*

*Opportunities for scholarships are available. More details will be released when registration opens.

Housing and Dining fees for the in-person session:

Double Suite Room w/ Sunday Dinner through Friday Lunch: $472.30

Lunch and Dinners only: $143.50

Lunch only: $68.75


Return here in February 2023 for updates on opening registration



  • A general schedule: Return here February 2023 for more details.
  • Supplies: For those attending in person, supplies will be provided to you on your first day. For those attending virtually, supplies will be mailed to you prior to the start of the program.
  • Laptop/Cellphones: A computer with internet access is necessary for those participating in the virtual session.
  • Unable to attend the entire week: Please know you will get the most out of the week if you are there from start to finish. However, this is your camp and your time, so if you need to join late for any reason, just let us know ahead of time so we can know when to expect you or know that you’re planning on leaving early.
  • Behavior: One of the goals of Architecture + Design is to give participants the experience of a college design student at Virginia Tech in the studios. This offers a freedom that requires personal responsibility at all times. It is expected that participating students will behave in a mature and professional manner.
  • Refund Policy: Return here February 2023 for more details.
Fultz & Singh Team
From left to right: Amrit Singh, Jessie Gemmer, Kylie Heald, Ryan Patterson.