Working Fast and Furiously

Students in the Mark Boone Sponsored Studio are working toward the finish of their Multi-Generational Family Home project. Mark was in town last week to offer his experience and enthusiasm at a critical point in the design process. The projects are now due on May 3 at 5pm. Check in later for samples from the finished projects.

Project Assignment: Re-imagine the average new 2,500 square foot single family home built in the US today as a home designed for multiple generations. The clients for this project are four generations of a family. Mom, Dad, college aged son, and high school aged daughter occupy about 1,350 square feet in a 3-bedroom 2.5 bath main space. A Grandmother’s suite has about 350 square feet. And the parents oldest daughter, her husband and 6-month old child have a 800 square feet apartment. These three distinct dwellings are organized around a private courtyard on a 40 foot by 90 foot rowhouse building lot.

The idea of this housing strategy is that design and construction quality can be greatly enhanced with the added design and construction cost offset by savings from car sharing, utility cost savings, insurance savings, baby sitting savings and on and on and on.