VCU Medical Library

Matt’s studio ended the semester with the VCU Medical Library project. The library is located in Richmond, Virginia on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus.

Senior Jamie Matthews incorporated a white wrapping structure around the atrium to visually move people up through the space. Digital motion-sensored walls along the atrium encourage interaction between individuals and the space. The noisier and more dense locations of the library are placed on the lower floors and toward the atrium (cafe, check-out, media, etc.), while the quieter spaces are toward the perimeter and the higher floors (reading, conference rooms, etc.). In addition, the reading rooms are placed along the north and northeast side of the building, to help prevent glare while reading and studying.

Senior Molly Berman’s design features a series of neutral cantilevered spaces that aim to provide each reader with a different individualistic experience based on the idea of phenomenology.