Redesign of a Blacksburg Favorite

Greg’s studio recently had the unique opportunity to be a part of the redesign of a local favorite: D.P. Dough, a restaurant in downtown Blacksburg. The owners realized the design needed some work and looked to Virginia Tech’s Interior Design department for help. With one week to come up with a design for D.P. Dough, the owners will go forward using the ideas from these designs to re-create their restaurant.

Courtney Boardman, a senior, had three issues that she wanted to address with the redesign of D.P. Dough: provide different types of seating to accommodate different sized groups; change the location of the front counter for better circulation and more seating; and create a more sophisticated atmosphere by addressing the materiality of the space.

Junior Jenn Rogers’ approach to the redesign of D.P. Dough was to address the circulation and overall intimacy of the restaurant. She moved the location of the front counter for improved circulation, and added artwork from around Blacksburg to give the space a more local feel.