Lisa’s Studio Completes Healthcare Project

Lisa’s studio ended the fall semester a healthcare project, where students were able to choose among Oncology, Mother/Baby, and Alzheimer’s treatment centers for their design.

Senior Jessie Oliver’s design of The Pediatric Oncology Center of Washington, D.C. aims to bring children back to the worry-free quality of life by stimulating their curiosity through mimicking the design elements of toys. Color, pattern, texture, shape, overlapping, intersection, and connection are just a few components of every day toys that are implemented throughout this space to grab a child’s attention in hopes of stimulating their curiosity and distracting them from the difficulties of cancer.

The [Mind][Body]and [Baby] Pregnancy Center, designed by Junior Denise Pendleton, caters to the mother and her baby to ensure the mother is calm and the baby is born into a relaxing atmosphere. The Center is located in the Appalachian region focusing on a smaller number of women with nine labor, delivery, and recovery rooms along with two ante partum rooms. By servicing a smaller group, the mother has the opportunity to build a relationship with the staff and gain a sense of comfort along with a support system throughout the pregnancy.

The concept behind Lindsay Buccola’s design of this Oncology center is Transcendence: Beyond the Diagnosis. By surrounding the patients with a therapeutic oasis, it will uplift their spirits and replace the fear and pain with hope and strength. The atmosphere will wrap the patients and their families with the elements of the natural world that will facilitate the healing process. By integrating these natural elements into this hospital design, it will utilize the subsequent health benefits of nature.