Defining the Delaware Valley

AS YOU DRIVE INTO FRENCHTOW on a Saturday morning in July there is an unbelievable energy in the air. The buzz of activity from the coffee shops, restaurants, and art galleries contrasts with the slow, yet constant cadence of the river. Bikers and runners warm up on the tow path while others pack coolers, tubes, and fishing poles for a day on the Delaware.“ Within Hunterdon County development patterns have drifted away from tightly knit energetic communities such as Frenchtown and toward traditional subdivisions dominated by the car. This proposal looks to stop sprawl along the Delaware River by expanding successful towns. As a model for development, this project is not meant to be a complete or finalized plan. However, it looks to question these traditional subdivisions and pursue discussions of alternative strategies for expanding the Delaware Valley while keeping its close communities and quaint sense of place.

Contributor: Peter C. Dunne – BLA