Matt’s studio has just completed the Camper project:

Senior Lindsey Richards designed her store around one of the aspects that makes Camper unique.

One of the aspects that sets Camper Shoes apart from other brands is their unique manufacturing technique. Camper uses no glue or adhesives to hold their shoes together, only 360-degree stitching. Every part of the shoe is stitched together with thread, making the shoe more comfortable and flexible. The concept for Camper’s Soho location is to pay homage to the unique idea of stitching by connecting the viewer to the shoes by a series of stitches that are in fact reveals that allow the shopper to see the shoes.

Different aspects of the interior are connected by exaggerated joints that represent the way a stitch joins two materials together. The wooden shoe displays intersect glass partitions that not only help divide the space, but create different layers of opacities. Each glass panel is a different size and shape, creating various levels of translucency as well as forming reveals the shopper can look through to be guided to the next display.

The main shoe display in the store echoes the idea of deeper exploration into stitching. Like threads wrapped around a spool, wooden 2”x 2”s “wrap” around a rectangular wooden frame. Acrylic shelves extend from the wrapped display, providing a place to show off the latest styles.