What ICAT Has to Offer

Established in Fall 2018, the ICAT Ambassador team is a student group with the goal of increasing undergraduate involvement in and awareness of ICAT (Institute of Creativity, Arts, and Technology) at the Moss Arts Center.

Sophie Dukes, an industrial design student, helped found the group after taking an honors class taught by Phyllis Newbill, the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator at ICAT, and found a niche of opportunities for other undergraduate students of all disciplines interested in working with cross-disciplinary groups. After learning about many of the projects that various groups are working on, such as the Traffic SONATA Project, the Fog Harp Project, and the Technology on the Trail Project, the idea of connecting students to unique projects like these became the goal for the new ICAT Ambassador team.

Through ICAT’s projects and resources, the opportunity to work on impactful projects while being a student is something that the ICAT Ambassador team believes is worth sharing. Currently the team is recruiting for more undergraduate students to help bridge the gap between these projects and the Virginia Tech student body. As a part of the team, students lead tours of the facilities, are in contact with staff and project members, complete service to support ICAT sponsored events, and work to advertise the opportunities and projects with students.

Eventually, the team hopes to create a diverse student base with various skills to help direct and connect students based on the needs of ICAT projects as well as with other opportunities. Students can also participate in “playdates” every Friday morning to connect with people and information about current projects happening at the Moss Art Center. If you are interested in getting involved with the ICAT Ambassador Program or potentially receiving funds for your own proposed cross-disciplinary project, contact Sophie Dukes or Phyllis Newbill.