Swiss Toymaker Selects Winners of First Biannual Competition

Hans Peter Engeler, owner of Naef Speilzueg located in Zofingen, Switzerland visited Blacksburg May 3, 2008, to announce the winners of its inaugural toy competition. From 107 entries, jurors Peer Clahsen, Heiko Hillig and Engeler awarded 1st prize to FERRA designed by Kelly Harrigan a second-year industrial design student.

BOW designed by Sean Mattio and Chelsea Lindsey, both first-year architecture students placed 2nd, and GABLE designed by first-year graduate architecture student, Andrew Linnstaedt, received 3rd place.

Winners received cash awards as well as the possibility of royalties if the company decides to produce the design.

2nd Place 3rd Place

Seven other entries received honorable mention: TRUNCATED by Scott Shaw, fourth year industrial design; CUBE/TRIANGLES by Jeff Ryan, fourth-year architecture; SPANISH CURVES by Mark Kerscher, first-year industrial design; ROTATION by Ruth Embry, first-year architecture; Sarah Jarmon, first-year architecture; RATSEL by Andrew Fenstermaker, first-year landscape architecture; and TES by Matt Russell, second-year industrial design.