Students Outside the Classroom: Lauren

Lauren Walwer is a 3rd year Interior Design Student. She is a member of the color guard in the Marching Virginians.

After high school, I actually started at Radford University and took a gap year from marching band. Even before starting at Radford I already knew that I was going to transfer to Virginia Tech, so it was a pretty easy transition for me. It was like picking up where I kind of knew where I was going to be. During my gap year, I noticed a lot of my friends from high school were participating in their college bands and this made me miss being a part of it.

Performing has been a big part of my life and having the opportunity to continue this at Tech has been amazing. Color guard has been a great outlet to have outside of studio. When I find myself getting frustrated in studio, whether I’m feeling down or had a really long day, it’s nice to go to the Marching Virginians Center (MVC) and practice.

Our practices are from 5:30 – 7 pm every. This year our color guard is more advanced, so our routines are harder than before. We’ve been coming in earlier to practices and we’ve stayed late some nights because it’s been a lot more work learning our routines. Since studio doesn’t let out until 4:50 pm, it can be pretty hard rushing over to the MVC for earlier practice times. Some days are harder than others, like when I’m in the middle of something in studio and I’d like to finish it, but I can’t because of practice. Coming in after studio hours helps me finish my work. It can be tough trying to switch your mind between studio and remembering a routine, but it’s nice to have that break from my desk.