Student Spotlight: David Ingle’s Transfer Process

David Ingle is a first year industrial design transfer student who realized a passion for product creation. During his senior year, after applying to Virginia Tech’s engineering program, David realized he wanted to physically design and create, and industrial design seemed fit that interest better than engineering. As a freshman in college, David worked with his advisor to complete the process of interviewing with professors, Akshay Sharma and Bill Green, submitting a design portfolio that consisted of his original design work, and enrolling in the summer transfer studio.

David looks fondly on his time in summer studio. His days consisted solely of class, friends, and creating with little distraction. This time over the summer helped him get comfortable with the design process and using materials and resources that his other first year classmates are only now obtaining experience with. David is embracing the experience of being placed in first year studio by further developing his aesthetic judgement and making skills. He is also pursuing a minor in Engineering to fulfill his interest in physics. David hopes to explore the balance between technology and design, ideally through interior furnishings, fixtures, outdoor apparel and gear, or UX/UI design.

As a transfer student, David recommends connecting with experienced design students and starting the transfer process as soon as possible. With a background in both engineering and industrial design, David is developing a unique perspective and set of skills and is eager to continue applying them to projects. To further his confidence with product creation, David works in the MaD Lab to complete small projects for both his studio class and for the shop itself with notable skill on the lathe. David anticipates completing many more exciting projects as he makes his way through the industrial design program.