School of Architecture + Design establishes Virginia Tech Architecture Publications

The School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech has established Virginia Tech Architecture Publications.

The intent of Virginia Tech Architecture Publications is to produce scholarly publications in the academic and professional areas of the school. Among other rationales for the establishment of Virginia Tech Architecture Publication, a major impetus for the foundation of the publication program was the approval of the newly defined Ph.D. in Architecture and Design Research program by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2006.

Virginia Tech Architecture Publications aims to present scholarly and creative work to a larger academic and public audience. The publication programs are open to authors from within Virginia Tech as well as scholars, architects, and designers not affiliated with the university. Authors will edit monographic editions within established publication series upon invitation. The publication program is currently supported with funding from donations of individual donors as well as national and international grant agencies.

The publication program of Virginia Tech Architecture Publications seeks to complement other leading scholarly publication programs of schools of architecture such as the gta Verlag, the publishing arm of the Zurich-based Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Institute for History and Theory of Architecture, and Michigan Architecture Papers published by the University of Michigan College of Architecture in Ann Arbor.

Virginia Tech Architecture Publications is inaugurating its publication program with two series. The intent of the series Texts on Architecture and Art is to make important texts on architecture and art originally published in other languages available to an English-speaking readership. Each volume consists of a first-time English translation of a text on architecture or art. The series is dedicated to the understanding of theoretical problems of architecture and art. The first volume in this series is the landmark essay “A Modern Milieu” by Julius Meier-Graefe. It was published in March 2007. Forthcoming volumes are Realist Architecture by Alfred Lichtwark, New Ornament and New Art by Hermann Muthesius, and Suggestion on the Skillful Relation of Ornament to Untreated Form by Eduard van der Nüll. The second series, titled Building, intends to document significant buildings from the history of architecture. Each volume is a monographic edition dedicated to one building, containing drawings, photographs, and description of the building, and, if possible, an interview with the architect. The series focuses on buildings that have scarcely received attention in American architecture publications. The series will issue its first volumes in December 2007. Forthcoming volumes are dedicated to St. Nepomuk Church in Munich, La Congiunta Museum in Giornico, Swiss National Park Visitor Center in Zernez, Art Museum Liechtenstein in Vaduz, House Meuli in Fäsch, Town Hall & Furnural Chapel in Iragna, House Ermanni in Rapperswil-Jona, and the Villa Garbald in Castasegna. Dr. Markus Breitschmid, an architect and architectural historian, initiated the establishment of Virginia Tech Architecture Publications and is the editor for the series Texts on Architecture and Art and Building.

For information about Virginia Tech Architecture Publications please contact: Virginia Tech – School of Architecture + Design, 201 Cowgill Hall, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061-0205; Phone: 540-231-5383 or by contacting the editor at

A Modern Milieu. Julius Meier-Graefe. Edited, translated, and with an Epilogue by Harry Francis Mallgrave and Markus Breitschmid. Series: Texts on Architecture and Art. Virginia Tech Architecture Publications, 2007, ISBN 978-0-9794296-0-6 9 (Cover)