Reid’s Fine Furnishings Scholarship Winners

Last month at their annual awards banquet, the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design announced the recipients of the newly developed Reid’s Fine Furnishings Scholarship for Interior Design. The $5,000 scholarship was awarded to Jessie Oliver and Denise Pendleton in recognition of their outstanding work, design talent and overall contribution to the community of their classmates.

“We are so thrilled to be able to offer support to these remarkable young designers in their quest for excellence and education,” said Andrea Reid Waide of Reid’s Fine Furnishings. “It’s exciting to think about what their future holds and the amazing impact they will have on our lives.”

The School of Architecture + Design has long been recognized by Design Intelligence, as one of the premiere programs in the nation — admired for the quality of its faculty and for balancing design excellence with professional preparation. The 2010 rankings listed the Virginia Tech undergraduate program in Interior Design as tied for #4 in the survey of college deans and academic program chairs.

“Corporate, industry and private philanthropy is pivotal to the success of complex, state of the art programs such as we have in the College. The Reid’s Fine Furnishings Scholarship for Interior Design is an exemplary example of how generosity can change the lives of dedicated students by helping to make their professional education possible,” said Jack Davis, Dean of the College of Architecture & Urban Studies.

Award winner, Denise Pendleton — a native of Southwest Virginia — is studying abroad over the summer – a trip made possible in part by the Reid’s scholarship. “I feel very honored to be recognized and even more so because the [Reid’s] store is so close to home!” said Pendleton. “It makes me even happier with my decision to attend Virginia Tech where I am surrounded by such gracious people.”

In January, Jessie Oliver also won Honorable Mention in the ASID National Design Competition. Out of the astonishing 126 entries — three projects were identified, two received honorable mention and one as the competition winner.

“The generous gift from Bill and Andrea Waide of Reid’s Fine Furnishings has allowed us to recognize truly exemplary students who live up to the Virginia Tech Motto: Ut Prosim, meaning That I May Serve,” said Greg Tew, Chair of the Interior Program, at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design. “These two students illustrate the desire of our program to educate our students on the importance of not only doing outstanding work in the classroom, but also serving the program and their fellow classmates. We want to focus on the education, but also we try to help our students become better people,” he added.