Parking Day 2021

VT LAR students converted a parking spot into a park for a day on September 17. This year’s Park(ing) Day was focused on interacting with the community. The site location was in downtown Blacksburg on the intersection of Draper Rd. and College Ave. This site was selected because of its centralized location between campus and Blacksburg. The concept of the design was bucket ball, a tailgating game revised to appeal to everyone in passing. Students gave out free lollipops and landscape architecture pamphlets as an incentive to throw a ball into the bucket. Virginia Tech ASLA president Lainey Bassette said: “This act of play sparked laughter and togetherness as well as many conversations and curiosities about landscape architecture. This year’s Park(ing) Day was a huge success and acted as a fun break for many people on their way to or from class or work. The installation ended up being in the perfect location and created a sense of community with many fun and cheerful people in the area.”

Park(ing) Day was founded by Rebar in 2005. It is a global event that occurs every year on the third Friday of September. Its goal is to re-claim on-street parking spaces by transforming them into tiny parks and places for art, play, and activism.