Michael Ermann hosts Acoustical Society conference—CAUS students recognized

Michael Ermann, assistant professor of architecture, hosted the fall conference of the North Carolina chapter of the Acoustical Society of America (NC-ASA) in Blacksburg. Four of his Advanced Architectural Acoustics students had winning entries in a poster design competition while another presented a paper.

Narissa McCoy, first-year architecture graduate student, won the “Royster Award” and $2,500 for her poster “Investigation, Design and Analysis of Restaurant Acoustics.”

The team of Julie Redenshek,, first-year architecture graduate student, Adam Tawney, fifth-year architecture undergraduate student, and Dan Mennitt, engineering graduate student who does research work in the Architectural Acoustics Lab at RDF, won the “NC-ASA Award and $1000 for their work mapping the sound field of the Lyric Theater.

Rebecca Stuecker, a thesis-year architecture graduate student, presented a paper titled “Space for Appalachian Music Listening.” The presentation was based on her thesis project. In the Society’s spring 2004 conference, Rebecca (at the time, a second year architecture graduate student) presented a paper titled “Listening tests and the double sloped decay.”

At the Society’s fall 2003 conference, Luke Flessner (at the time, a fourth-year architecture undergraduate student) won the Gallery of Acoustics Award (the previous name for the NC-ASA Award) and $250 for his project, “Sympathetic Theater” design.

At the same conference, Bill Yoder (at the time an engineering graduate student researching in CAUS’s Advanced Architectural Acoustics Lab and enrolled in the Advanced Architectural Acoustics course) and Chriss Yoder (an undergraduate engineering student enrolled in the Advanced Architectural Acoustics course—and Bill’s identical twin) presented a paper titled, “Simulation of double-sloped decays in coupled volumes.” Bill also was awarded the Newman Medal: a nationwide award for excellence in the study of architectural acoustics.