McSherry team Places 3rd in arch out loud design competition

Design team with strong WAAC connections takes 3rd Place in the NYC Aquarium & Public Waterfront Competition.

Merroir envisions the twenty-first century aquarium as a node within larger hydrological and ecological networks, an aquarium that is not a collection of animals behind glass but rather a series of experiences and encounters with an estuary as a dynamic living system. The aquarium site is at the center of a set of thirty diving bells distributed across the metropolitan region. Three distinct bell networks offer varied experiences for visitors to engage different, dynamic ecologies: mobile bells based on aquatic habitats, cadastral bells based on the built environment, and datum bells based on bathymetry and sea-level rise.
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Team members:
Laurel McSherry is director of the Landscape Architecture Masters program at the WAAC.
Rob Holmes, faculty at University of Florida, is a 2008 alumnus of the NCR / MLA program.
David Bayer, a landscape architect at Rhodeside & Harwell in Alexandria, is a 2015 graduate of the NCR / MLA program.
Fritz Steiner, is dean-designate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, effective July 1.