Martin Felsen of Archeworks & UrbanLab Awarded Latrobe Prize

Chicago, February 17- Archeworks and UrbanLab have been named recipients of the 2009 Latrobe Prize from the American Institute of Architects. The official announcement was made on Friday, February 6th in Washington, D.C. VT Architecture Alumnus Martin Felsen is the director of Archeworks and a principal at UrbanLab.

The prestigious Latrobe Prize, which carries a $100,000 award, is given once every two years to an architect or group of architects for an innovative research proposal. This year’s Latrobe Prize theme was “Change That Matters”. The proposal, submitted jointly by Archeworks and UrbanLab, was titled “Growing Energy/Water: Using the Grid to Get Off the Grid”, and builds upon the award-winning Growing Water concept, which envisions Chicago developing into a sustainable urban model for addressing the global water scarcity dilemma. The Growing Energy/Water investigation will dive into the social and environmental value of Blue/Green Infrastructure in the city of Chicago.

See the official Press Release for more information.