Martha Sullivan named new IDS Program Coordinator

Assistant Professor of Practice, Martha Sullivan, in addition to teaching second year Industrial Design, will now be taking on the role of IDS Program Coordinator. Working in close partnership with Industrial Design Program Chair, Akshay Sharma, she’ll be able to help both students and faculty navigate some of the new curriculum changes that are coming down from the university to make sure their curriculum is on track. Martha brings her many years of experiences and knowledge in how the university operates especially concerning structural issues in how a curriculum is developed and approved as well as on campus involvement with first year experience and service learning. Besides continuing to teach ceramics and mold making courses, her most recent research initiative is the relationship of wellness and creativity through mindful activities and mindful making.

In her new role, Martha will also be working closely with the rest of the department to plan special events as well as to help with the structure and organization of studios as to where and when they will take place with consideration of student progress and what the university requires of students in terms of time commitment. She will also be representing the Industrial Design department in some university initiatives like the Creativity and Innovation Destination Area and will have the opportunity to represent her department on university committees. As it is also an accreditation year for Industrial Design, she will be focused on the exhibits and documentation
that will be critical to the program’s success this year.

Martha is also excitedly looking forward to providing opportunities for students to travel internationally. Having run the last three study abroad programs for Industrial Design, she is looking forward to having another at the end of this year in partnership with Landscape Architecture.