Markus Breitschmid’s Book Included in Swiss National Archive

Professor of Architecture Markus Breitschmid’s German-language book Der Bauende Geist. Friedrich Nietzsche und die Architektur has been included in the permanent collection of the National Archive of Switzerland.

Published as a book by Quart Verlag in the year 2001 and originally submitted as a doctoral dissertation at the Technische Universitat Berlin in December 1999, Der Bauende Geist. Friedrich Nietzsche und die Architektur, was the first book that studied systematically the “turn” of Nietzschean aesthetics towards the architectonic. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is arguably the world’s most influential philosopher of the past 150 years, and his influence on modernity and postmodernity cannot be overestimated. Breitschmid’s book has been the basis for subsequent books and dissertations in various countries and languages dealing with Nietzsche’s ideas on architecture and his influence on architects. It has become a reference text and is also used as a textbook in various academic disciplines. The book had already been listed as a seminal text by the Institute of Philosophy in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 2005.

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