LUMENHAUS at Times Square – Next Destination: MADRID

For a few brief days in January, Times Square was home to the LUMENHAUS.

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The next venture has already begun. Virginia Tech is one of two universities representing the United States in the Solar Decathlon Competition-Europe, to be held in Madrid, Spain in June of this year. After the invitation from the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. as part of the Greenovation: Sustainable Communities exhibition, and the appearance on the Mall for the national Solar Decathlon Competition, it is both an honor and achievement to compete overseas.

The original plan called for participation in the Solar Decathlon Competition in Washington D.C. and was budgeted to that end. The additional venues – National Building Museum and Times Square – stretched the budget past its intended limits. This latest opportunity aligns with the strategic plan of the School, and new Center for Design Research, to situate the program in the international setting and provide a rich and diverse educational experience integrating research and teaching. However, the opportunity comes with an intense need for additional funds. We can use your help in getting the team to Madrid. Please support the School of Architecture + Design in this special project. Questions can be directed to: Robert Dunay, Director, Center for Design Research, at