Limited Edition Toy Designed by Olivio Ferrari To Fund Study Abroad Scholarship

The School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech is proud to announce the 25th Anniversary Edition of Olivio Ferrari’s toy MASS. Originally hand-crafted in 1982 by renowned Swiss toy maker Kurt Naef, MASS is both a measuring tool and an exercise in geometry. Based on the familiar carpenters’ measuring rule, its 10 foldable parts can be configured into a myriad of shapes and variable lengths. It challenges one to create through play.

This special and limited edition of 300, is produced by Naef Spiele AG in Switzerland. The colors are the red and blue of the flag of the Canton of the Ticino, where the School has a permanent facility, Villa Maderni in Riva San Vitale. The Center for European Studies and Architecture and the Olivio Ferrari Foundation are both located there. The toy also bears the facsimile signature of Ferrari.

Ferrari arrived in Blacksburg in 1965, where he developed the Foundation Division as the first step in a new model of Architectural Education. He started the Summer Abroad Study Program in 1968 which evolved into the Center in 1991. He designed 3 other toys for Naef — Varia, Kyma and Olo. Olo is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and both Olo and Kyma received the coveted German “Spiel Gut” prize in 1982. A dedicated teacher and gifted designer he taught at Virginia Tech until 1994.

All proceeds will go to the Lucy and Olivio Ferrari Scholarship Fund, which enables students to study abroad.

To purchase MASS, please contact:
Kid O
123 West 10th Street
New York, New York 10011