Landscape Forms’ eighth annual Xtreme LA (Extreme Landscape Architecture) event took place on October 4-6, 2016 in Blacksburg, VA

Co-sponsored by The Landscape Architecture Foundation, these events bring broad creative talent together for an intense exercise tackling a unique landscape architecture problem. The 2016 event was held at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia and included hand-picked future leaders, students, and two award-winning professionals, Lisa Delplace, Principal/CEO, Oehme, van Sweden and Paul Kissinger, Principal, EDSA, who served as mentors. The result of this groups efforts during the charette produced creative design solutions that address the pressing and unique challenges faced by the city of Blacksburg.

“Extreme LA was a fantastic educational and cooperative experience. The design charrette served well as an opportunity to talk about issues facing our town and more importantly, fostering dialogues about the advancement of Landscape Architecture between professionals and students.” Joe Niland, Graduate Student

“The Xtreme L.A. Challenge in Blacksburg was an exceptional opportunity to engage in rich dialogue about what responsible growth can look like in a university-centered community. I enjoyed seeing the halls and walls of our studio filled with collaborative ideas that bridge professional and academic talents. The event was a fantastic celebration of what it means to be a landscape architect and how we can come together to advance the field to solve complex problems.” Nick Proctor, Graduate Student

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