Industrial design students sweep international design competition in San Francisco

Four teams of students from Virginia Tech’s Industrial Design Program recently swept all five awards in the international Ardica Technologies “Power to the People” design competition.

The students were charged with designing an outdoor product that integrates Ardica’s Moshi Power Pack, which is a flat, flexible battery system that weighs less than one pound, then creating a prototype of their product.

A team made up of Kyle McCrory of Charlottesville, Va.; Patrice Hsia of Richmond, Va.; and Greg Lefevere of Columbia, Md., designed the first prize winner: the “Voltage” sleeping bag. Their sleeping bag integrated the Moshi Power Pack at the foot and controls at chest-level, as well as a USB charging station and a flashlight nook.

Second prize and the People’s Choice Award went to the “Aeolus” coal mining respirator. The respirator was designed by Matt Saunders of Oakton, Va., and Tony Smith of Oak Hill, Va. Aeolus offers a slimmed down alternative to the bulky respirators currently worn by coal miners. The Moshi Power Pack runs an intake fan that forces air through vent slits and a filter into a tube to the mouth.

Third prize went to the “Photogenesis” backpack for professional photographers. The backpack was designed by Danny Calabrese of Raleigh, N.C.; Brad Johnson of Herndon, Va.; and Matt Manganti of Virginia Beach, Va. The Photogenesis uses a belt system of sliding storage modules and shoulder straps with a USB cord and water tube.

The Student Design Award was won by Crosby Reinders of Germantown, Md., for his ski patrol vest design. The vest accommodates the transport of small-scale emergency rescue equipment, which is charged by the Moshi Power Pack.

The students were all enrolled in a class taught by Akshay Sharma, assistant professor of industrial design, and Ed Dorsa, associate professor of industrial design and assistant director of the School of Architecture and Design.

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