Industrial Design Student Wins Best Student Design in Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge

A project by Industrial Design student Gabriella Jacobsen, has been named the Best Student Design in the 2015-16 Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge. Gabriella’s Onward Bag will be made from 60-70 recycled plastic bags, to help address the issue of plastic bags being a major pollutant in oceans and waterways, as well as a yard of organic cotton canvas, canvas thread, and biodegradable dye.

Gabriella explains, “I see my design education as my secret superpower, in which I am able to enact real positive change in the world around me… It is not enough anymore to ‘just design a computer bag.’ One must ask, ‘why should this computer bag exist?’ and ‘where in our product system does the life of this computer bag fit?’”

In addition, three of the seven other finalists in the competition were also VT IDS students: Cole Smith, Alex Chiles, and Ashleigh Otto.