Industrial Design Student Project Selected as Runner-up for Core77 Award

Dynamik Standing Desk, a project by Industrial Design students Brian Pughe and Conor Brown, was selected as the runner-up in the Lighting and Furniture Design Student Category in the 2014 Core77 awards program. The students’ faculty advisor was Brook Kennedy.

Dynamik is a standing desk for high school and college level students centered around the physical and mental health benefits to be gained by standing in a learning environment. Standing at Dynamik invites attentiveness and interaction in the classroom that is lost during a resting, seated position. Staying true to the traditional school desk, Dynamik utilizes steel and wood. A bent plywood surface rests on a single piece of bent tubing acting as support. A strap of canvas covered felt comprises a knee rest to allow for extended periods of use and invites proactive and healthy movement while standing.

Jurors Naihan Li and Ben Hughes commented:

Clever usage of something as economical as a belt makes this desk design more than a place to lay your books. It is a simple yet effective solution to rest in public space, allowing one to fully engage with others even if the interaction will last longer than your legs can hold out. This standing desk also gives new function to an existing furniture type with minimum alteration.

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