Global Grad Show Award Winning Project “Aleia”

Government surveillance…privacy attacks…cyber theft; All things you can live without right? Yet, we’re all still using antiquated routers that don’t protect us properly. The average consumer home is no stranger to the internet router given the requirement for connectivity today, but Aleia looks to effectively bring enhanced security to it like never before. Designed by Ranon Pritchard, Jorien Hopkins, and Daniel Perry from Virginia Tech’s Industrial Design program, they set out to solve the ever growing issue of data breaching. The router works by tracking your internet activity and breaking it down into chunks called blocks, which are then linked to your account to help work as an authentication protocol to keep your network secure. This helps maintain easy but secure access for users and their verified guests. Aleia looks to help alleviate negative online impacts, and secure their data and information transfers to protect them from dangerous outside attackers.

Part of Dubai Design Week, Global Grad Show, in partnership with Investment Corporation of Dubai, is an exhibition of graduate works from the world’s leading design and technology schools. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering. The fourth edition includes works from 100 universities and 61 nationalities, brought together in a single space and presented to the public by the designers themselves.