Faculty and staff from the School of Architecture + Design Prominent at National Conference

Faculty, staff and students from the School of Architecture + Design were prominent at the national conference of the Industrial Designers Society of America. Ron Kemnitzer, Professor of Industrial Design, serves as President of IDSA and led the conference during four days of exciting events in Austin, Texas. Ed Dorsa, Associate Professor, organized and moderated a panel discussion concerning the growth and ideal size of industrial design educational programs worldwide. Ed and Ron also presented the results of Virginia Tech’s 2006 Procter & Gamble Collaborative sponsored research project. Mitzi Vernon, Associate Professor, along with Heather Ball, Head, Art and Architecture Library, delivered a paper that investigates new issues in design research. Robert Dunay, Director of Industrial Design at Virginia Tech, presented a lecture centered on interdisciplinary activity as it relates the design of a solar house for the Solar Decathlon Competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

In addition, students from Industrial Design were honored with two of three scholarships offered by IDSA. Andrew Valentine, a third year student, won the $2500 undergraduate scholarship and Martha Sullivan, a graduate student, was awarded $1500 from the Gianninoto Graduate Scholarship. Both awards are based on excellence of individual work and promise within the field.