Dunays judge BraunPrize in Germany

Donna Dunay, the G.T. Ward Professor of Architecture, and Robert Dunay, the T.A. Carter Professor of Architecture, were invited to be part of the BraunPrize Forum, held at the Procter & Gamble/Braun world headquarters in Kronberg, Germany, to help select the winner of the 2009 BraunPrize.

After finalists were chosen from among 1,074 entries from 54 countries, the final stage of the prize competition took place at the BraunPrize Forum. The finalists presented their projects to an audience of invited jurors made up of over 160 leading representatives of the design sector from around the world. The overall winner of the 2009 BraunPrize was selected on the basis of the votes cast by the invited jurors attending the Forum. The first prize recipient received 12,000 Euro, and three finalists received 5,000 Euro each.

Established in 1967, the BraunPrize is a biennial design competition that seeks to promote the work of young designers from all over the world, to recognize the work of design schools, and to help develop a greater appreciation of the factors and criteria which make for good product design.