Design Studies of the Built Environment: Exploring a transect across Western Europe (May 21 to June 27, 2020)

The landscape architecture and industrial design programs in the School of Architecture + Design are offering an annual Interdisciplinary Summer Education Abroad Program through Western Europe. Students and faculty on the 37-day program will explore the design of the built environment, across scales, and its relationship to art and culture as we travel from Lisbon to Madrid, and Barcelona, then into Nîmes and Nice. After a stop in Milan, we move on to Zurich before heading to Stuttgart and Berlin We will travel to Prague before ending the program ends in Vienna. The program uses an interdisciplinary approach to studying the built environment from the scale of the city to the size of a hand.

Students and faculty will explore such design issues as the similarities and differences in the physical design of things and places across cultures and centuries, including regional and cultural influences on design, uses of a variety of building materials, uses of public and private spaces, and the city as a setting for social and civic life.

All curious participants are welcome. Students from across the university and other academic institutions are invited to participate. Contact us for more information.