Dennis Freemyer named to important post in White House

Dennis Freemyer has been named the Deputy Director of the Executive Residence and Deputy Chief Usher of the White House.

Dennis has worked in the White House Usher’s Office since 1986, most recently as the Assistant Chief Usher where he helped supervise the overall management of the Executive Residence and coordination with the First Family. He also served as the Program and Project Manager for all design, renovation, maintenance, and construction projects of the White House.

He served as the Architect and Project Manager for the National Park Service, from 1981-86, where he was in charge of providing professional architectural expertise necessary for the planning, design, research, and supervision of National Park Service construction and renovations at the White House.

He also worked in the Contracting Division as an architect from 1978-81 and was detailed to the White House where he was a construction supervisor and construction inspector.

Dennis received a B.A. in Architecture from Virginia Tech.