Architecture Faculty Members Win Atlanta AIA Design-Build Competition

Architecture faculty members Tim Frank and Chip Clark have won first place in the Atlanta AIA’s Young Architects Forum 2012 10Up Design-Build Competition celebrating Atlanta’s ongoing Belt Line redevelopment project. Their winning competition entry proposes a Tensegrity Aviary for the Beltline that serves as a place of cohabitation between local bird species and design enthusiast. The lightweight cloud comprised of compressive feeders and tensile perches floats overhead, cantilevering over 75’ beyond its small 5’ × 10’ footprint. The project aims to call positive attention to Atlanta’s groundbreaking urban strategy that doubly generates intensified densities within the city while also restoring the natural tree cover and wildlife habitats that were devastated by 20th century sprawl.

For more information on the project, please visit the AIA Atlanta competition website: