A+D Faculty, Students, and Alumni Receive 2014 University and College Awards

Faculty members, students, and alumni from the School of Architecture + Design received the following University and College Awards in the Spring of 2014:

  • Prof. Shelley Martin (Architecture) was awarded the University Certificate of Teaching Excellence.
  • Prof. Kathryn Albright (Architecture) received the University Award for Excellence in Outreach.
  • Steve Sanderson (BS, Industrial Design, 2002) was recognized as the College’s Outstanding Young Alumnus.
  • C.L. Bohannon (Landscape Architecture) was recognized as the College’s Outstanding Doctoral Student.
  • Malcolm Dax (Architecture) was selected as the College’s Outstanding Masters Student.
  • Peter Beegle (Industrial Design) received recognition as the College’s Outstanding Senior. (More info…)
  • Prof. Terry Clements received the University’s Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching. (More info…)
  • Prof. Paola Zellner Bassett (Architecture) and Dr. Tom Martin (Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering) received the University’s XCaliber Award for excellence as an interdisciplinary team making outstanding contributions to technology-enriched learning activities. (More info…)
  • Prof. Greg Tew received the Sporn Award for excellence in teaching introductory subjects. (More info…)
  • Prof. Aki Ishida (Architecture) received the College Award for Creative Achievement.
  • Prof. Terry Clements (Landscape Architecture) received the College Award for Excellence in Outreach.
  • Prof. Akshay Sharma (Industrial Design) and Prof. Hunter Pittman (Architecture) received College Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

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