Architecture and Design Faculty, Students, and Alumni Receive 2014 University and College Awards

Faculty members, students, and alumni from the School of Architecture and School of  Design received the following University and College Awards in the Spring of 2014:

  • Prof. Shelley Martin (Architecture) was awarded the University Certificate of Teaching Excellence.
  • Prof. Kathryn Albright (Architecture) received the University Award for Excellence in Outreach.
  • Steve Sanderson (BS, Industrial Design, 2002) was recognized as the College’s Outstanding Young Alumnus.
  • C.L. Bohannon (Landscape Architecture) was recognized as the College’s Outstanding Doctoral Student.
  • Malcolm Dax (Architecture) was selected as the College’s Outstanding Masters Student.
  • Peter Beegle (Industrial Design) received recognition as the College’s Outstanding Senior. (More info…)
  • Prof. Terry Clements received the University’s Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching. (More info…)
  • Prof. Paola Zellner Bassett (Architecture) and Dr. Tom Martin (Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering) received the University’s XCaliber Award for excellence as an interdisciplinary team making outstanding contributions to technology-enriched learning activities. (More info…)
  • Prof. Greg Tew received the Sporn Award for excellence in teaching introductory subjects. (More info…)
  • Prof. Aki Ishida (Architecture) received the College Award for Creative Achievement.
  • Prof. Terry Clements (Landscape Architecture) received the College Award for Excellence in Outreach.
  • Prof. Akshay Sharma (Industrial Design) and Prof. Hunter Pittman (Architecture) received College Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

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