2014 DesignIntelligence Rankings

The School of Architecture + Design’s programs have once again been highly ranked in the annual survey of design education in the United States by DesignIntelligence, which publishes the only national college rankings focused exclusively on design.

DesignIntelligence based this year’s rankings on survey responses from 1,108 professional practice organizations that were asked, “In your firm’s hiring experience in the past five years, which of the following schools are best preparing students for success in the profession?” The firms were also queried about additional issues, such as how programs rate in teaching various skills.

In addition to the school rankings by professionals, surveys were conducted of deans and chairs from 119 academic programs, and more than 4,855 architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and industrial design students completed satisfaction surveys about their education, the data from which is presented separately from the practitioner rankings.

For 2014, Virginia Tech’s undergraduate Architecture program is ranked #5 in the nation, and the graduate Architecture program is ranked 12th. In the Deans’ Survey, the undergraduate program is recognized as the 2nd most admired program “for its emphasis on research, innovative pedagogy, and design rigor.” In the skills assessment, the architecture programs are rated #4 in Construction Methods and Materials. In the student survey, 82% graded the quality of the program overall as excellent.

The undergraduate program in Interior Design is ranked 5th nationally. In the Deans’ Survey, the program is also recognized as the 5th most admired program. In the skills assessment, the interior design program is rated #2 in the areas of Computer Applications, Cross-Disciplinary Teamwork, and Research & Theory, as well as #4 in Communication.

The undergraduate Landscape Architecture program is ranked #15 in the nation.

The undergraduate program in Industrial Design is recognized as the 4th most admired program in the Deans’ Survey “for its interdisciplinary design studios and global outreach.”

Prof. Hilary Bryon has been included in this year’s list of the 30 most admired design educators from across the U.S.

Also included in this issue of DesignIntelligence is an article entitled “Into the World by Way of the City: Redefining design education to engage the global and local” (p. 130) by Philip Enquist and Edward Keegan of Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) on the ongoing partnership between Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture + Design and the Chicago office of SOM, specifically through the Chicago Studio and the Center for Design Research.

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Source: DesignIntelligence: America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools 2014, Report 249: Vol. 19 No. 6; November/December 2013.