2009 Spring Lecture Series Announced

For more information, see the individual lecture postings

Jan 27, 2pm, Patrick Doan (Tuesday)
Jan 29, 2pm, Jon Kemnitzer
Feb 3, 2pm, Urs Peter Flückiger (Tuesday)
Feb 5, 2pm, currently no Thursday lecture scheduled.
Feb 10, 2pm, Markus Breitschmid (Tuesday)
Feb 12, 2pm, Jen Downey
Feb 17, 2pm, Gina Pollara (Tuesday)
Feb 19, 2pm, TBD
Feb 24, 2pm, Mario Cortes (Tuesday)
Feb 26, 2pm, Mitzi Vernon
Mar 4, 7pm, Rosa Kliass (Wednesday)
Mar 5, 2pm, Kevin Smith
Mar 17, 2pm, Terry Surjan (Tuesday)
Mar 19, 3:30pm, Bruce Mau (Ferrari Symposium III, Hotel Roanoke)
Mar 20, 2:30pm, Lee Polisano (Ferrari Symposium III, The Inn at Virginia Tech)
Mar 24, 2pm, Margarita McGrath (Tuesday)
Mar 25, 7pm, Kirt Martin (Wednesday)
Mar 26, 2pm, Gravity Tank
Mar 31, 2pm, Philippe Baumann (Tuesday)
Apr 1, 7pm, Juhani Pallasmaa (Wednesday)
Apr 2, 2pm, Juhani Pallasmaa
Apr 8, 7pm, Eva Maddox (Wednesday)
Apr 15, 7pm, Marlon Blackwell (Wednesday)