Fabrication Labs

wood, metal, ceramics, plaster, graphics, and computer/digital media shops

a+d Workshops

The workshops have long been one of the key distinguishing features of our programs.

Cowgill Hall

On the first floor of Cowgill Hall, outside the Art & Architecture Library, at the threshold (knuckle) between Cowgill and Burchard Halls, are the ‘bot shop’ and the 3D printing studio, supporting student research in additive manufacturing, reality computing, and design robotics; these labs contain fused deposition modeling machines, 6-axis industrial robotic manipulators, and several other CNC-tools. A ceramic workshop on the first floor of Cowgill Hall allows creative and analytical work with clay and plaster. Located throughout the building are printing/plotting labs for student use 24 hours/day.

Burchard Hall

In addition to studios housing 200+ architecture and industrial students, Burchard Hall includes extensive shop facilities, staffed by experienced technicians, providing woodworking and metalworking equipment, as well as a small welding room, for student use; a fabric/textile laboratory; a plastics shop (basic equipment including lathes, a vacuum former and an Objet Printer); LaserCamm laser cutting rooms; a 3D printer room; a ceramics lab; a silkscreen printing studio; a graphics workshop, with presses for creating monoprints, as well as etching, embossing, and lithography; photographic darkrooms; and a computer input/output room with multiple large format printers, scanners, and plotters.

research + demonstration facility

Located approx. 1.5 miles west of the center of the Virginia Tech main campus, the Research + Demonstration Facility (RDF) houses high bay working spaces, shop facilities with wood- and metal-working equipment, CAD/CAM machines, facilities for large scale welding projects, and/or studio and workshop spaces for students and faculty working on special projects. The RDF also houses the Design Robotics Laboratory and the Digital Glass Studio.

Art & Architecture Library

The Art & Architecture Library is located on the 1st floor of Cowgill Hall and houses an extensive collection of resource materials for the College, including state of the art technology available for student check-out, including iPads. It is a part of the larger University Libraries system. For more information about the library and hours, please visit https://lib.vt.edu/spaces/campus-libraries/artarch-library.html.