1001 Prince Street
Alexandria, VA

Originally constructed in 1909 as an elementary school for girls, the 1001 Prince Street building is honest, with load-bearing brick walls, heavy wooden joists, and wooden floors. The school eventually became part of the City of Alexandria’s public system, but was closed in the early 80’s. In the mid-80’s, the building was sold to private interests, renovated, and converted to office use. In 1990, Virginia Tech purchased the building and now, as in the beginning, 1001 Prince Street is a place of learning: the heart of the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center.

1001 Prince Street contains several notable WAAC Design Build projects, such as the spiral staircase, the brick cylinder, the piano balcony, and the coffee bar.

Both WAAC studio buildings – 1001 Prince Street and 601 Prince Street – contain classrooms, faculty offices, studio desks, computers, printers, and laser cutters. Students at the WAAC may pick a desk in either 1001 or 601, according to studio project choice.