Stories of Giving: The Donation of the Lucy and Olivio Ferrari Archive

“It’s been one of the great pleasures of my life to have helped enable generations of CAUS students to travel and experience Europe as part of their education. With the donation of the Ferrari Archive, we hope to continue to inspire students to explore and dream big. I cannot think of a worthier investment than the students of CAUS.”

Lucy Ferrari, CAUS faculty emerita

Inaugurated in October 2017, the Lucy and Olivio Ferrari Archive on the first floor of Cowgill Hall holds more than 1,000 items donated by Faculty Emerita Lucy Ferrari and her late husband, architect and Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus Olivio Ferrari.

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A Practice of Giving

“Cathi and I value the extraordinary education we received from the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech. We began while still in school by donating to scholarships, then serving on the Dean’s Advisory Council, establishing our own traveling scholarship, organizing Bay Area events for visiting faculty, and creating our CASA Mexico Study Abroad Program where we take CAUS students to Mexico for intensive cultural immersion. We continue to encourage fellow alumni to actively support the college.”

-Steven and Cathi House, 1975 and 1977 architecture alumni; founding partners, House + House Architects

Every summer, the CASA Mexico Study Abroad Program, led by Steven and Cathi House, travels with students to Mexico to focus attention on their personal goals and perspective on their life as a creative person.

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Empowering students through travel opportunities and independent studies

“When you support CAUS, you are giving to something much larger than yourself. You are enabling innovation and discovery. You are empowering students through travel opportunities and independent studies. You are fueling the Hokie Spirit. Donations to CAUS will make it possible for our Solar Decathlon team to travel to Dubai in November of 2018.”

– Laurie Booth, Architecture student and Virginia Tech FutureHAUS Dubai Solar Decathlon team leader

FutureHAUS Dubai has developed the design of a net-positive energy home over the past several years, incorporating their research into sustainability, responsive technologies, and new methods of prefabrication.

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