Andrew Linn

Adjunct Instructor

Andrew Linn is co-principal and co-founder of BLDUS, an Anacostia-based architecture and development practice that operates throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, making healthy buildings that pay tribute to their context and gain integrity as they age. BLDUS seeks opportunities in economies – of scale, of scope, of density, of means, and of materials. BLDUS integrates traditional construction methods with new technologies and organic materials ideally suited to their region – in Appalachia and Tidewater, that means wood, bark, cork, wool, mycelium, willow, hemp, bamboo, and stone – to create an architecture of accommodation. Andrew has a B.Arch from Cornell University and an MA in the History of Science and Medicine from Yale University. He leads the construction of some of the projects that BLDUS develops, works for BamCore selling bamboo-based pre-manufactured housing kits, and has previously taught at both the University of Maryland and the Catholic University of America.