12 April 2019
1:00PM — Cowgill 300

Todd Hirschfeld

IDS Lecture Series

Hirschfeld Marketing Solutions acquired Bulldawg Marketing in November 2017 bringing together two companies that were founded by individuals that knew doing business well, serving the client’s needs, and building relationships were key elements in being successful. The joining of these two companies has brought together a mix of seasoned marketing and sponsorship negotiation experience with the young feel of a cutting-edge experiential and activation focused company. Just under 30 employees, Hirschfeld offers big-time solutions, but with small company personal relations. With this acquisition and blended capabilities, Hirschfeld gives clients a more robust offering in terms of client services, experiential and activation capabilities, along with marketing personnel who can help with sponsorship asset usage strategy. Hirschfeld prides itself on being unique, nimble, customer focused and above all, builders of unique experiences that allow companies to connect with their target audience.