10 November 2022
2:00PM — Hancock 100

Architecture Lecture Series: Chris Pritchett

School of Architecture Lecture Series

Join Foundation Program Chair and Collegiate Associate Professor Chris Pritchett, to discuss the history of mobile homes, at 2 pm, Thursday Nov. 10th, in Hancock 100.

This lecture discusses the history of the mobile home and how we have arrived at a place where the mere mention of ‘trailers’ or ‘trailer parks’ evokes a denigrated ‘other’ in the minds of most Americans. No other housing innovation has been more widely accepted and simultaneously vilified than the mobile home. This is a talk about how the trailer acquired its stigma.

Pritchett teaches design foundation and thesis design at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture and offers a course in screen printing. He has recently worked with a design-build firm specializing in residential spaces. He is interested in the transition between digital and analogue drawing, and the preservation of working analogue. He currently works as a graphic designer and printmaker.