10 February 2020
8:00AM – 5:00PM — Cowgill Lobby

The Architecture of History

Histories of Architecture: Pre-History to the Present

Dr. Joseph Bedford – ARCH 3115/3116, 2019 (Spring/Fall)

This exhibition will present the work of Arch 3115/3116. This survey course on the history of architecture introduced students to the history of architecture, as well as to history through architecture, prehistory to the present. It covered key architectural terminology, as well as key ideas of space, form and structure in the architecture of different parts of the globe. The aim of the course was to offer a lasting cognitive map of the debts that present architectural practice owes to the past. It explored how the words, forms and techniques, which architects and designers use in labs and in the architectural office today to discuss their projects are windows onto deep historical time and collective memory.

The course moved both chronologically and thematically through a series of key concepts across two semesters. While these key concepts emerged at different moments in history and in different parts of the world, they were presented as remaining as part of the accumulated wealth of our present global cultural reality. The course followed the assumption that our world is an accumulation of layers of thought, practices and built forms, sedimented over historical time into one continuous yet differentiated global fabric of reality.

On display in this exhibition is the individual work of the top students selected from 170 undergraduate and graduate students who took the course. The work consists of studyguides which they created in order to study for the final exam and hold for posterity as a mark of their self-guided learning through the course. These studyguides are filled with a shared set of precedents, buildings, architects, ideas, techniques, movements that form the bases of our shared disciplinary language, vocabulary and tradition.